4 Ways to make your blog more successful

Last update Apr 10, 2022



Do you want to be the next success story featuring in Forbes or Bloomberg? Do you want to revive your dormant blog and increase your income?

Blogging is a self-rewarding pursuit nowadays. Owing to the current internet shift, people are moving towards passive income to earn financial freedom. It can transform you from rags to riches if you are doing it right.

Everyone out there has set up a blog, from individuals to multinational companies. Those who ca not create websites, use WordPress, blogger, or other platforms to launch their own free blogs out there.

How can you make your blog the most loved and followed one amid tremendous competition?

There are plenty of tips and techniques to become a successful blogger, I am going to provide 4 best ways to generate more leads and build a loyal following.

But first, you have to know its importance in general.

Blogging has become a valuable passion for those who have a flair for writing. Because you are writing something impactful, while subtly promoting your enterprise.

Blogging initially developed as a self-writing online diary that had nothing to do with marketing. Now it has morphed into a useful tool to promote your products or services.

There are currently 600 million blogs on the internet and the number is increasing.

Why so many people are flocking towards blogging?

It is a flexible job as you do not need a special place to start it. It is relatively easy to do for those who can write.

Essentially, you do not need a degree to be a blogger.

You can write about anything if you think it can add value to someone. It is perceived as a high-income profession.

Now you may be thinking about why most of the bloggers ca not make it?

The answer is simple they either do not know the right ways or do not apply the tricks rightly.

You can see the internet is full of the best and the worst bits of advice. If you are into it, you know better than me.

You may be confused with these free suggestions and their proliferation may increase your ambivalence.

Stop there. Take a chill pill. I am going to dissect the issue by giving the four best ways to get loads of traffic.

Write a fascinating title and introduction:

You cannot run a race from the middle, similarly, you can start blogging without setting a catchy title and introduction.

Blogging is all about pointing a problem to your audience and the process of solving that problem.

In this process, you should talk to your audience in a conversational tone and resolve their issues accordingly.

First, find something on which you can talk and generate titles that attract the readers.

Even the most informative post without a boring title ca not end up in SERPs.

You need to advertise your post through your title.

Your title may arise curiosity or it may represent an interesting fact. There are many ways to make catchy headlines.

Even the most informative post without a boring title can not end up in SERPs.

Do title brainstorming:

Title brainstorming is pertinent to get your nerves at work. You can do brainstorming by thinking about your niche. For example, your niche is pets.

You should first note down the people related to pets. After writing down your audience you will write the purpose of your blog. By writing both you can join together both entities to get awesome blog post ideas.

Use strong words:

Always add strong words like “best”, “proven”, “true” and other adjectives that interest you the most. Numbers like 5, 8, 10 add an attractive feature to your title, so make sure to add it.

Keep suitable length:

Keep your title up to 70 characters maximum because search engines will show the exceeding length. Keep it simple and fluent without grammatical mistakes.

Your introduction should contain a hook sentence that makes your readers stop to think. You can add questions or any interesting fact or story that simply triggers your readers to explore more.

Take care of your content Seo:

Seo makes your content rankable and visible to your audience so take great care of it. There are a few things you should focus on while blogging.

First, seek the best keywords and incorporate them into your content. Keep the keywords on the top lines so that Google easily understand your content.

Look for the long-tail keywords and try to use them in your content.

Long-tail keywords are basically the queries that people often search on Google. Therefore, make use of these keywords in different parts of your text.

Use a keyword research tool to get the requested keywords and take the keywords with high search volume.

Write your content in an understandable tone by avoiding difficult words. Likewise, try to improve the readability of your content.

Add links in your text as they provide a boost to your content ranking.

Use images and infographics:

Images and infographics are the best ways to represent information in a concise yet more understandable way. It gives a reader less time to get what is written and strikes aptly on the mind to create a print.

Moreover, colorful pictures invoke interest and the readers stay on your blog for a long time.

It has its uses on the reader side. Sometimes readers do not find time to read the full article. Therefore, infographics help them to get easy takeaways from your blog.

They understand the complex topic in an easy and digestible way.

Hence, you should use infographics and photos in your content to make it customizable.

Proofread your blogpost before publishing:

At last. You need to proofread your blog to edit mistakes. Plagiarism and grammatical issues may occur in your blog.

To quell the presence of plagiarized content you need to paraphrase it either manually or by a paraphrasing tool. However, the paraphrasing tool is the best way to get away with copied content.

It rephrases your content by changing its whole sentence structure.

Similarly, grammatical mistakes can be rendered with a grammar checker. You can also remove typos and grammar issues manually.


If you want to earn 6 figures income through the medium of blogging, you need to adopt best practices including writing best titles, using SEO to optimize your blog, adding images, and at last using a paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism from your content.