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How to Use Our Plagiarism Checker?

You can follow these easy steps to use our effective plagiarism detector and check plagiarism in any type of content:

Enter the Content

You can either “upload a document file” or simply “paste your content” in the text box. The supported file formats include TXT, DOC, and DOCX.

Run the Tool

Once the content is uploaded, you can click on “Check Plagiarism” to run our online plagiarism checker and detect duplication in your content.

Enter the Content

Our free plagiarism checker will scan the given content against billions of web pages and highlight whether the content is unique or contains plagiarism.

Result report

It will generate the plagiarism report which contains:

  • Uniqueness Score
  • Plagiarism Percentage
  • Citation Sources

Our Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism detection doesn’t take hours when you use “our plagiarism checker” to your advantage. With just a couple of clicks, it lets you find out whether your content is unique or copied.

The primary purpose of our online plagiarism checker is to facilitate everyone who writes, edits, and publishes content. It has a high level of accuracy and efficiency which ensures that you can check for duplicate content without any issues.

Just upload or paste your content and see how quickly our similarity checker scans it against an extensive database to check for plagiarism. It will thoroughly analyze the given content sentence by sentence to avoid omissions and errors.

Our plagiarism checker lets you scan 1000 words in one attempt, making it easier for you to check plagiarism in long-form articles and assignments.

You can access and use our tool without any premium subscription. There’s no signup required to leverage for a quick and free plagiarism check.


Improved Functionality

As compared to other tools, our plagiarism checker works more effectively. Just as its user interface is well-designed and intuitive, the plagiarism report it generates is also reliable.

Accurate Plagiarism Check

In order to ensure 100% accurate results, our plagiarism checker leverages advanced deep search algorithms. It checks uniqueness and plagiarism percentage without any errors.

In-depth Plagiarism Report

Just as it highlights the uniqueness and plagiarism score, our tool underlines each sentence that is similar to another resource. Plus, it tracks links to original sources for citations as well.

Multiple Language Support

Our tool supports a variety of languages to ensure that it can benefit worldwide users. You can easily change the language prior to plagiarism detection and make it work as per your needs.

Ensured Content Privacy

No matter how many times you scan your content for plagiarism, our tool makes sure that it is not stored or copied. This ensures that your content is protected and secure with us.

Free Unlimited Access

Users including students, researchers, writers, bloggers, and any other person who writes can take advantage of our plagiarism detector to check for plagiarism free.

Who Can Use Our Plagiarism Checker?

There’s a long list of people who can make use of our plagiarism checker. Basically, anyone who is involved in the writing process must leverage our tool to ensure whether their content quality is up to the mark or not.

Let us provide you with quick insights about who can use our originality checker and how:


The students who keep asking “how can I check my paper for plagiarism” can check plagiarism in their academic assignments using our tool. Whether it is an essay, research paper, or thesis, our plagiarism detector will quickly highlight its uniqueness and plagiarism score. Most importantly, our plagiarism checker for students tracks original sources for quick citations as well.

No matter if you are a high school student or college graduate, our originality checker has got all your needs covered. This is the best free online plagiarism checker with a percentage that you can use to check how much of your academic assignment is unique and duplicated. Once you know, you can easily take the necessary steps to remove plagiarism and make sure that your assignment is ready for submission.

Content Writers

Whether you create content for blogs, e-commerce stores, or digital platforms, there’s one thing you need to ensure and that’s uniqueness. This is why you must take advantage of our free plagiarism checker which works quite efficiently to check plagiarism in web content. The more unique content you create, the higher you rank.

There is no doubt that uniqueness matters the most when it comes to web content writing. The content you publish across the web must be free from duplication or else, the search engine will never rank it. There shouldn’t be any similarities in the content of different blogs that cover the same niches and topics. Therefore, our similarity checker is all that you need to ensure your content quality and rank higher on the search engine result pages.

Digital Marketers

No matter if you are creating and distributing content via emails, social media, or any other means, your content must be free from plagiarism. Therefore, you need to use our online plagiarism checker which assists digital marketers in ensuring their content quality without any delays. It is surely easier to promote when you are offering something unique.

Undoubtedly, all webmasters especially, digital marketers are more likely to need our plagiarism checker than anyone else. The reason is that the chances for plagiarism are not zero unless you check it yourself. Whoever creates content for your website or marketing collateral might fail to keep a check on its uniqueness. In such a situation, you are required to double-check and scan the content for plagiarism as a proofreader.