Tips to prevent plagiarism this year

Last update Apr 10, 2022


This year the appalling number of writers who have made their presence on the internet and others who are still in the incubation, outnumber the sand grains of Arabia.

The bulk supply of articles on the internet show how unceremoniously writers are providing content at a spitting speed.

For this very reason, plagiarism has got special attention and has become a bitter pill for bloggers, academics, and those connected to writing.

Some writers are born with an innate unique writing expression but some like me are not as gifted as others. They have to struggle with their clumsy writing style to touch the standards of a unique writing.

If you are also one like me, who takes pains in creating content worth reading, then read this blog thoroughly because I am going to share some tips to prevent plagiarism.

Why plagiarism is harmful?

Like I said, plagiarized content is and always was a burning issue in writing circles. If you are writing a blog you must be wary of it because it can certainly throw your intent into dust.

Hence, Google would never forgive you let alone entertain your plagiarized content. You can imagine it like a movie scene where an office building catches fire and the alarm goes out with red sirens.

The same occurs when you copy someone content and put it out as your own. To add fuel to fire, you may lose your readership because they are finding no value in your content.

So, why would they bother reading your content?

There is no point of wonder or even a minute possibility that your plagiarized content can inspire someone or change someone life.

People are smart enough to distinguish between copied and unique content. Therefore, plagiarism can deeply affect your credibility.

Creativity comes with patience, persistence, and consistency. You can be the next Stephen King or Jon Morrow for that matter if you embrace hard work.

Skill comes with a price and the biggest price that you pay for anything is time. The time invested can never leave you in despondency.

But when you copy someone words in your content, you are standing on their shoulders to see what you have not experience yourself. That is where you kill you