Why do writers prefer paraphrasing to remove plagiarism?

Last update Apr 10, 2022


There are many ways to avoid plagiarism and there are many approaches to remove plagiarism if it occurs in content.

It is not wrong to say that when we talk about the approaches to remove plagiarism, the smartest choice is to use a paraphrasing tool.

But first of all, we need to understand the basic facts and concepts of plagiarism and paraphrasing too.

So, we are going to share some basic and important facts about plagiarism first.

What is plagiarism?

It is the most common and frequent question asked by many students, bloggers, and people working for the internet.

Plagiarism is the same as stealing something but the difference is, here we are stealing someone words and ideas and present them as our own.

If you are taking someone ideas, you need to give the proper references and cite the sources, if you don not then you will surely be charged for using plagiarized content.

So, keep one thing in mind that using plagiarized content can surely destroy your reputation and de-rank your website.

What factors to learn about plagiarism?

It is pretty cleared that there are millions of bloggers already writing on the internet and you must write each and everything without copy anything from outsourcing.

But if plagiarism occurs, no need to worry, there are some useful and helpful techniques to remove plagiarism.

We recommend you stay unique and keep your content free from plagiarism.

What is paraphrasing in actuality?

There are many myths about paraphrasing like some people think that paraphrasing can destroy the sense of the content but it is not completely valid.

We have seen some tools which are not that efficient and compromise on the readability of the content.

So, starting with the basics. Paraphrasing is a term that refers to changing the words by their synonyms and it can easily free you from the charge of plagiarism.

How can we paraphrase content?

There are mainly two ways to rephrase content; you can do it on your own and you can use any paraphrasing tool.

When you searched for paraphrasing tools on the internet, there must be many tools available and the good thing is, there are many mobile applications too.

Using paraphrasing tools can be a good option because you cannot achieve that much accuracy until or unless you have an outstanding vocabulary.

But using a tool does not mean you leave everything on the tool because some tools are not very efficient.

These tools are programmed to replace the words with their synonyms and they are not concerned about the readability and the central theme of the content.

And using this type of tool is not recommended as we have seen many more tools that are pretty efficient and smart.

Paraphrasing VS. Plagiarism

As we mentioned above that there are many myths about paraphrasing and rephrasing tools as well.

Some people think that paraphrasing is also considered stealing and is a type of plagiarism but it is not valid.

Paraphrasing tool is completely valid and legal but keeps the readability and preservation of the central idea in consideration.

If you will not be concerned about the readability and meaning of your content, you will be unable to rank on SERPs.

The best solution is to get an efficient tool and rephrase your content keeping the readability and simplicity of the content in consideration.

What to look for in a good paraphraser?

We can say that many things must be in consideration when you are going to use a rephraser but some of the things are primarily important.

Without having these features in a paraphrasing tool, it cannot be considered as the best and it will not beneficial at all.

Preservation of central idea:

Sometimes, a paraphraser can use synonyms that are not so suitable in content and can easily change the central theme.

While paraphrasing content, you need to take care of the main idea of your content and you can do this by using a good tool and by having your attention.

Use simple synonyms:

Using simple synonyms does not mean you can compromise on creativity but you need to keep your content as simple as anyone can get to the point while reading the content.

Sometimes, a rephraser can use complex synonyms which is not recommended and suitable as well.

You can immediately change these synonyms with the simple ones so that the content must be readable by anyone.

Pricing plans:

It is not wrong to say that free-of-cost tools encourage people to use them as affording paid or expensive tools are not easy for many people.

We have seen many tools available on the internet that are completely free and efficient too.


Plagiarism can be very harmful to your website and your reputation as well; you need to avoid it at any cost.

And for avoiding plagiarism, we need to follow some steps and use some tools as well.

We have shared the facts about why plagiarism is bad and how can you remove plagiarism by paraphrasing content.